Discover the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall collection in store

July 10, 2020
This month Louis Vuitton on Nedre Slottsgate is offering a caravan of their Pre-Fall '20 collection. From the 16th of July until the 15th of August, Nicolas Ghesquière's collection will be available to Oslovites and everybody visiting the city.

Read more about the inspiration behind the collection below.

Fashion is a novel, and on this a narrative journey the garments tell their own tales.

For his latest Collection, Nicolas Ghesquière imagined a 'wearable library', a meeting of periods, stylistic movements and anachronistic combinations that bring to life a rich cast of costumes. Each outfit writes its own chapter, from romantic monologues to peculiar dialogues, combining bold styles and fine craftsmanship. To illustrate this collection, a cast of Louis Vuitton muses proudly takes to book covers or film posters as protagonists of imagined tales, each fully embracing the role of fearless adventurer.