Store Manager Hanna from Rag & Bone

March 01, 2018
We sat down with Hanna the store manager of Rag & Bone on Prinsens gate to get an understanding of what makes their brand so unique.

How long have you been working for Rag & Bone?

- I started with Rag & Bone in March of last year when we opened the Oslo Flagship on Prinsens Gate. So almost a full year now!


What makes Rag & Bone so special?

- What I love about Rag & Bone is the incredible product quality, but also how the brand revisits timeless classics while giving them a fresh contemporary twist for every collection. When you invest in a Rag & Bone piece you´re not going to feel like you can´t wear it the following year. 


What is the main reason why people should visit your store?

- The main reason is obviously the fantastic clothes, but also the super friendly staff :). We´re passionate about the brand and about our customers getting the full Rag & Bone experience, regardless if they´re in Oslo, London or New York.