Virgil Abloh’s final collection for Louis Vuitton

January 28, 2022
Last week marked the emotional end of an era when Virgil Abloh’s last collection for Louis Vuitton was shown during men’s fashion week. When Abloh was appointed to the French maison in 2018, luxury fashion was hit with a force of energy and during his tenure at the house, he became known for making the exclusive inclusive. The collection was named Louis Dreamhouse - a name fit for a revolutionary force.

Abloh entered the fashion industry with an outsider perspective but was quick to make his mark as the founder of fashion label Off-White conveying fashion to a new generation. Since being appointed Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director, he created eight menswear collections. He mixed luxury fashion with popular culture widening the appeal of his collections.

Louis Dreamhouse

The fall / winter ‘22/23 collection is streetwear in a luxurious way. The show was characterized by exciting outfits in creative designs mixing old ideas with new, in ways only Virgil Abloh can.

The result was a mixed wardrobe with traditional men's clothing, with concepts for the new generation of luxury consumers. The new craft comes with relaxing shapes and details that are otherwise common in the design of women's clothing. While the tracksuits were made with premium fabrics such as leather, fur, and silk.

Distinctive goods such as jackets with the brand's signature pattern; Damier pattern fading, comes with miniature LV-logos, and another example is bee-hats and veils in graffiti graphics, designed by Milan-based tattoo artist Ghusto Leon, who Abloh had invited to the collection. 

The show was attended by Abloh’s widow and numerous friends, and despite being a runway show, felt also like a memorial. The standing ovations was a tribute worthy of a legend.

In previous events, Abloh has explicitly mentioned that life is short, like a call to us all. He passed away at the age of 41, after two years of a private fight with cancer. 

Afterall, Abloh’s intention was to create a new generation of fashion - by making the exclusive - inclusive.  

By Isabelle Käck Wedelin

 Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton