Store Manager Aleksander from Bjerke

February 06, 2018
We pride ourselves with having some of the most qualified shop managers here at Promenaden Fashion District. Today we meet Aleksander, Store Manager, at Bjerke.

How long have you been working for Bjerke?

- I started working for Urmaker Bjerke as a part time worker in Bogstadveien in December 2003. When I finished my studies in Stavanger I moved back to Oslo and started working in Urmaker Bjerke Karl Johansgate as an assisting shop manager. In October, the same year, I took over the responsibility of the shop and stayed as a Shop Manager until April 2015. I was then in charge of the full refurbishing and building of our new store in Nedre Slottsgate where I continued on as Shop Manager after the opening on 2ndof July 2015.


What makes Bjerke so special?

- In Nedre Slottsgate there are numerous international high-end luxury shops. With one exception. That is us. We are a high-end luxury shop, but we are a Norwegian family owned company that has existed for 95 years and are now being run by the 3rd The children of the owner are all represented in the company which gives a safety for both clients and staff for a continuous operation in the years to come.
The main pillars of the company are to be innovative, customer oriented and professional. With more and more online stores we believe that the experience the clients get from visiting our stores, knowing that we will be here also in 95 years being able to support them with the watches they have bought from us, gives us an advantage over both other stores and online stores.


What is the main reason why people should visit your store?

- The main reason why people should visit our store is that we will welcome them in to an international environment with local benefits. By this I mean that every client will get a high-end customer experience and they will feel that we really care about them. The most important thing for us is to please the client, not the cash register.
Also we are representing the top exclusive brands in the world. They have chosen to work with us and we have chosen to work with them. To start up with a new brand is a result after years of communication and negotiation. We only want to work with the brands that think in a long term.