Louis Vuitton Women's Cruise 2024 Show

May 25, 2023
The rain didn't hold back Louis Vuitton to create a stunning Women's Cruise 2024. At Lake Maggiore, the French maison held created a captivating display of elegance and innovation.

Set against a tropical backdrop, the collection fused classic style with a modern twist, featuring vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and eco-friendly materials. Accessories dazzled with unique designs, while the show celebrated femininity and individuality. Louis Vuitton once again affirmed its leadership in the fashion world, redefining luxury for the modern era.


A country: Italy

A place: Lake Maggiore

A location: Isola Bella


An island... Isola Bella, framed by Lake Maggiore, has harboured the legends of the Borromeo family for several centuries. The Louis Vuitton 2024 Cruise Collection docks at this palace on the water, where mysterious gardens bloom in infinite foliage.

A botanical Cruise... The paradox is a joyful one, rousing dreamy stylistic interpretations.

A Cruise that gives rise to contemporary tales, populated by drifting creatures that abandon aquatic dwellings for the discovery of terrestrial wonders.

The Cruise 2024 collection is a narrative of transformation. Sartorial characters that renew themselves, each in contact with the other.

A to and fro between the familiar and the singular, the ordinary towards the extraordinary.


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