December 14, 2023
A Day's March opened their Promenaden Fashion District store in November 2023. You can take an exclusive look inside the store and experience their universe.

Creative Director Pelle Ludnquist and interior architect Daniel Braconier designed the space. The design is focused on creating an interesting experience for the customer, giving the feeling that there is more to explore around the next corner. Because of the age of the building, columns have been added to strengthen the structure, which the designers have chosen to incorporate into the design, making the space feel alive.

"We want the customer to enter a warm and welcoming space, with a material palette consisting of oak and marble, and furniture that enhances the different areas of the store. Contrasted with beautiful primary colors that will make you smile. We are happy to be able to work with Tea Nymark once again, a skilled decorative painter who has splatter-painted the walls throughout the store, a technique that has a long history in Sweden.” Says interior architect Daniel Braconier.


You can find A Day's March in Øvre Slottsgate 8